I scribble a little bit of everything relating to faith (usually Protestant) with a side of musings about grief. These pages are filled with my thoughts, questions, revelations and general ramblings on my journey of chasing grace. I share my story as well, hoping that it along with everything else might help someone else on his or her walk with Christ. 

If I am wrong- as I have been before- I do my best to correct the mistake. I am not the most intrinsically open person, so everything I post on here has been read, thought about, and worried over before it appears. (That is not to say I will catch every typo! Some things need fresh eyes.) That being said, if you feel the need to challenge, or you disagree with anything that I or anyone else says on my site, I ask that you do so respectfully, bearing in mind that your words often have more weight than you know. We are all learning more about this faith business each and every day- let's learn from each other through consideration and discussion rather than accosting one another. 

Feel free to comment on the Blog, subscribe to site updates, read my testimony or sign the Guestbook. If you wish, you may use my work for whatever, just credit it correctly, as it is my intellectual property and all that (and copyrighted). I am a member of the UCC and an affiliate member of the PC(USA), but all views expressed on this website are my own. 

Reconstruction Finished... Almost.

Hopefully, nothing looks as discombobulated as it has in the last month or so. I believe I have all of the pages edited and everything is ready to go. Please let me know if something either doesn't look right or doesn't work right, so I can try to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Also, there will be a little continuing minor reconstruction. 

Speaking of patience, I need to contact my web host about an apparent error in the subscribe button seen below. Sorry about that; I will get on it as soon as possible. 

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